Enterprises need a unified cybersecurity platform that provides full visibility, detection and response for self-defense throughout the entire life cycle of a cyberattack. However, solving a larger problem, such as cyber-extortion, requires coordinated actions not only at the enterprise. An example is the “Silk Road” (English “Silk Road”). Despite its rapid rise and incredible success, Silk Road was covered up by the FBI in 2013, and the mastermind behind it was arrested and later convicted. Federal agents acknowledged that the use of bitcoin and Tor to hide addresses was a serious obstacle to the investigation, but they were helped by cooperation with other organizations. Cooperative counteraction to cybercrime can begin with the fact that enterprises will report incidents to law enforcement agencies.

It is also worth notifying vendors about vulnerabilities in their applications.

The sooner security issues are identified, the sooner updates can be released. Coordination of actions and a unified cybersecurity platform will help enterprises strengthen their positions and protect themselves from threats such as cyber extortion.